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Our chefs offer expert knowledge of Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Pizza to enhance your delivery experience. Choose from a delicious selection of entrees, mains and desserts from our online menu. We look forward to your custom, you will find that Pizza Masters service is second to none!

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17 The Rushes
Loughborough, LE115BE

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extra pepperoni and extra cheese


meatballs, spicy beef, salami and sausage



Customer Reviews of Pizza Masters

99 reviews


  • Great service lovely food


  • The order was incorrect! We received 2 pizzas instead of the 3 ordered, in their place we got 2 portions of chips and a portion of wedges (lots of potato). After realizing the mistake i chased after the delivery driver who tried to explain that i had made a mistake (the receipt proved otherwise), i was then told that i should call the restaurant because he didn't work in the kitchen (shocker!) i suggested that i return what we had received in error but i realized as i walk back to fetch the food to be returned that he must have heard "get in your car and drive away quickly". We will not be ordering from pizza masters again.


  • The pizzas were on a great deal so I was really hopeful they were still going to be fab. Sadly they took well over an hour, the estimated time, to arrive and by that time the fries were soggy and the pizza cold. Have to admit the folded garlic bread with cheese was the best garlic bread I've ever eaten though.


  • Great pizza overall, however would like to see more topping on the pizza's as both pizza's ordered were definitely lacking in this area. We had to wait just over an hour for our pizza which I think is personally too long.


  • Order took 1 hour and when it arrived it was incorrect. we called to explain the situation only to find they where rude and put the phone down on me.


  • Ordered Hawaiian pizza cam as pepperoni, ordered wedges and they never came also delivery was later than stated


  • It took nearly two hours to get our order, after ringing them to chase it 3 times it finally turned up, one positive is it was hot so obviously freshly cooked, but the amount of time it took was an absolute joke!


  • came late food wasn't any good wouldn't go again


  • not bad but slightly expensive and if you order through Hungry House rather than ringing up the minimum order is more and also they charge £1 delivery which is not fair


  • It took 1 hr and 25 mins 2 get here after they receive the order at 4pm... The driver got here at 5.25pm.... But happy with the food....


  • Threw in a couple extra chicken wings. Thank you


  • quick, tasty & food value...will order again!


  • v.good same as last time!


  • defo using again


  • quick and easy to use app. food turned up within the expected time and was hot. Tasted great too. will use again.